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Providing end-to-end business solutions:

     Business & product positioning
     Website design & content creation 
     Marketing strategy & promotional tools
     Marketing communications 

Since 2004 ASPAC has provided strategic planning, market/brand positioning and benefit communication to a wide range of leading Corporate and SME clients, in categories including FMCG, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries. hardware, pipelines, industrial tools, fabrication, welding, adhesives, audio equipment, automotive and marine.

Our first task is usually to evaluate how realistic our client's VALUE PROPOSITIONS are, relative to the characterictics of the target market(s) The needs and mindset of each will almost certainly vary, so our job is to create, modify or enhance the relevant information.

We routinely create a "relationship" map that identifies the various stakeholders and ranks them in order of relevance. Next comes an evaluation of our client's propositions versus those of competitors, selecting and refining them to match (or exceed) the prospect's wants and needs.


These prospects may encompass all of the business stakeholders - comprising employees, suppliers, resellers etc, each of whom may represent a different target audience with different information needs.

We will combine a range of text, images and other devices into an object library that will form the fundamental building blocks for websites, advertising and related promotional materials.

Using objects from the Object library, plus copy that we will write, we will develop the communication elements. These will reflect our client's Value propositions in a tone that resonates with the mindset of each target audience,

We bring a wealth of knowledge about the issues that matter to users and enable us to generate cost-efficient results for our clients.

We provide "end-to-end" solutions that may even include recommendations to amend the product/service itself if the offer lacks competitiveness.  The many elements of the marketing mix will also require development or amendment and depending on what already exists, will potentially include website content, product selection guides. POS material, trade and end-user advertising and promotion..

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